Lock Ins

Need something fun and exciting to do for your Church Youth Group, After Prom Parties or After Graduation Parties. Our Lock Ins are a fun and safe way to celebrate with your friends. We offer 2 different time packages for your convenience.

Lock In Rates

 11:30pm to 2:30am                           11:30pm to 5:30am

Minimum charge of 40 People                                   Minimum charge of 40 People

@ $15 Per Person                                                     @ $20 Per Person

Both Packages Include per person:

2 Slices of Pizza

1 Small Drink

Rental Shoes

Unlimited Glow Bowling

Full access to Game room

Additional pizzas and pitchers of soda can be purchased at a discounted rate

Must be  Scheduled at least 7 days in advance

50% Deposit on minimum required is due 7 days in advance

Come and join us for a great time!!

Call us today to book your special event